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Cade by Tori Austin &V. A. Dold - If a Mary Sue meets a werewolf, does she become a hairy Sue? - Normal enough to know that I'm weird. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Julius Caesar's great-great-granddaughter

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Cade by Tori Austin &V. A. Dold - If a Mary Sue meets a werewolf, does she become a hairy Sue? [Jan. 11th, 2016|11:18 pm]
Julius Caesar's great-great-granddaughter

This is not a novel - it is a wish fulfillment daydream written down.  There are NO problems between the hero and heroine, no differences of opinion, no missteps, one very short angsty moment of "I don't deserve you" - "Yes, you do" - "Oh, Ok!".  There is no central problem to resolve; there are only a few problems that the couple run into during their time together - problems that are solved within a couple of paragraphs.  In one noteworthy case, it took three whole scenes for the problem to be resolved.
Reading the dialogue between the main couple is like listening to a couple who have just fallen in lurrve.  "You're so wonderful"  "Oh, you're wonderful too!"   Ok, my husband and I talk like that all the time, but we don't write it down and make a book out of it.  One line I have to relate.  When the couple do the magic werewolf mating ritual to bind them together, the heroine "swore she felt their souls come together, as if tiny knitting needles rapidly closed the gap between the two halves to  leave a complete, brightly shining soul"
It is a distinct story (such as it is) and the first in a series.  At the end of the story, we are introduced to the other brothers who will be the subjects of later books.  There's a great big flashing neon arrow saying "NEXT" pointing to the characters which will be the subject of the next book.
Read this book if you get annoyed by plot getting in the way of the sex scenes.  Otherwise, give it a pass.