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Saved By The Dragon by Vivienne Savage - Good for what it is - Normal enough to know that I'm weird. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Julius Caesar's great-great-granddaughter

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Saved By The Dragon by Vivienne Savage - Good for what it is [Feb. 10th, 2016|03:20 pm]
Julius Caesar's great-great-granddaughter

Which is the standard girl meets gorgeous guy,  girl freaks out about something about guy, girl realizes she was an idiot, girl gets back together with guy, then finds out he's insanely wealthy.  Since it's erotica, every time the two characters are together for more than ten minutes, they get it on. Since it's paranormal, he's a dragon, but that doesn't really affect the story - well, that's what freaks her out, but it could have really been anything at all - it wasn't his dragon-ness that bothered her, it was his different-ness.  The author doesn't do anything with the hero's ability to turn into a dragon except have him fly around a bit with her on his back.
Lots of wish fulfillment, a little bit of character development on the heroine's part, none whatsoever on the hero's part, and very very little world building ; however, the author is a good writer, and I would probably enjoy something she wrote that had more world building and plotting.