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Here are my problems with GMO foods [Apr. 5th, 2016|11:31 pm]
Julius Caesar's great-great-granddaughter

1.  Corporations have a very bad track record with informing consumers of problems to the point of ignoring and covering up very real health hazards. (Blue Bell Ice Cream, anyone?)
2. Health issues are hard to detect in the first place.  It can take a long time to determine when something specific is causing deaths and even longer to identify carcinogens.
3. Corporations also have a bad habit of applying the same ideas over and over.  This means that if a genetic modification works on one crop, we're liable to have that same modification applied to many different crops.

This leads me to something that I think may end up being the biggest threat and I haven't seen it addressed .
People who dismiss pesticide and herbicide worries point out that plants produce their own toxins to combat disease and insects.  This is true.  However, each species, or perhaps genus produces different toxins.
Consider this - the American Cancer society recommends that people eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetable.  I've never seen an explanation of why, except that it reduces your chance of cancer.  But what if the reason is that eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables means that you aren't getting enough of the toxins of any one plant to cause cancer, and possibly that the different toxins are cancelling each other out.  IF this is true, and IF the same GMO gene sequence is used in a variety of crops...  then the advantage of eating a variety of foods will be lost.