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Julius Caesar's great-great-granddaughter

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(no subject) [Apr. 27th, 2017|03:44 pm]
Julius Caesar's great-great-granddaughter
Here's something I need  - an animated gif of the following:

An Albert Einstein type walks into the frame holding a large paper roll.  He holds it up still rolled up to display the word "Joke" on the side.

He then attaches it to the wall and lets it unroll, which shows the word "Diagram" and a random diagram of some type  (like a flow chart or a circuit diagram)

He points to three random places on the chart  (or, points to Diagram and then three random spots), with a stick or a laser pointer

He then bows, rolls up his diagram and walks out of the frame again.

I sure do wish I had the skill and patience to draw this.
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(no subject) [Jan. 30th, 2017|05:26 pm]
Julius Caesar's great-great-granddaughter
I read 1984 sometime in high school.   It is definitely an essential novel for anyone to read.  (however, it's been a long time, so pardon if my details are fuzzy)

One of the key scenes in the story is a room where a person would be exposed to the thing they fear the most, in order to break them.  (In the case of the protagonist, that thing is rats)

A couple of my previous SOs were horrified by this scene.  Their takeaway was that they were doomed - there was something that would break them to have to deal with.

My takeaway was different - I recognized that all they could do was affect me physically.  As long as I place more value on that which makes me me - my self, my soul, whatever you want  to call it - as long as I place more value on that than on my physical self...

They can't control me.
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Separated at birth? [Oct. 18th, 2016|03:04 pm]
Julius Caesar's great-great-granddaughter
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(no subject) [Sep. 22nd, 2016|02:58 pm]
Julius Caesar's great-great-granddaughter
I was reading elsewhere about things that people think should be common knowledge, and it brought up one of my pet peeves.

"Tomatoes are not vegetables, they're fruit!"
Yum, cucumber cake with avocado frosting.

Yes, scientifically speaking, a tomato is a fruit.  But scientifically speaking, there is no such thing as a vegetable. Vegetable matter, yes, but scientists don't lump all the parts of a plant except the fruit together.  Each part of the plant is labelled differently.

So if you're going to insist that tomatoes are fruit, then I want to hear you calling spinach "leaves", carrots "roots", and cinnamon "ground bark".  And just what the heck is cauliflower?  Part stem, part flower?  And if you're going to be that pedantic, make sure you refer to peaches as drupes and bananas as berries.

"Vegetable" is a culinary term.  And if you're going to use a culinary terms, you should be consistent and be referring to everything in culinary terms.  And in culinary terms, a tomato is a vegetable.  As are okra, avocados, and several other vegetables which are scientifically fruits.   Generally in food terms, foods that are sweet or most often used in desserts or sweet snacks are considered fruits.  Foods that are used most often with or as an entree, or served in a savory fashion are normally considered vegetables.  This leads to the oddity that pumpkins are considered fruit in the U.S. and vegetables in the U.K.

Pass me more of that cucumber cake, please.
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(no subject) [Aug. 1st, 2016|05:41 pm]
Julius Caesar's great-great-granddaughter
I remember when Bill Clinton was first elected.  He wasn't my choice for president - he was too facile, too much of a schmoozer for my taste.  (I don't remember who I preferred, but it was definitely not Al Gore - I knew a cousin of his and a more obnoxious, worthless waste of space I have never met).

I also remember when Bill Clinton became president and put his wife Hillary in his cabinet.  OMG, you would have thought he proposed that she run through the street naked.  Women were NOT supposed to be in positions of power, or helping their husband with his job, or anything like that.  No, women were supposed to be no more than beautiful social butterflies that took care of the children and the house and maybe talked about something they thought was important.  But only one thing, and only if asked.

Then Hillary proposed a single-payer system of healthcare, and that was even worse.  Because that was socialized medicine, and we all know that socialism is just godless communism under a different name.

When single-payer failed, Hillary retreated to the FLOTUS role.  And of course there were jokes made about her being a lesbian.  Because all strong women are either sluts, dykes, hags or ice queens, depending on how much the speaker wants to fuck them, and how approachable they appear to be for said fucking.

I even knew a particularly conservative religious person who was APPALLED because when Hillary's father died, she decided to memorialize him by using her maiden name - in addition to, not instead of her married name.

Now, remember all these people who were critical of Hillary when her husband first became president.  How often have these people believed and spread whatever lies and B.S. they heard?  How many people, if faced with resistance to one lie, would change the lie till there wasn't resistance?

And how many of y'all out there could have handled that onslaught with the humor and grace that Hillary has?

You go, Hillary - it's your turn to shine.
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Here are my problems with GMO foods [Apr. 5th, 2016|11:31 pm]
Julius Caesar's great-great-granddaughter

1.  Corporations have a very bad track record with informing consumers of problems to the point of ignoring and covering up very real health hazards. (Blue Bell Ice Cream, anyone?)
2. Health issues are hard to detect in the first place.  It can take a long time to determine when something specific is causing deaths and even longer to identify carcinogens.
3. Corporations also have a bad habit of applying the same ideas over and over.  This means that if a genetic modification works on one crop, we're liable to have that same modification applied to many different crops.

This leads me to something that I think may end up being the biggest threat and I haven't seen it addressed .
People who dismiss pesticide and herbicide worries point out that plants produce their own toxins to combat disease and insects.  This is true.  However, each species, or perhaps genus produces different toxins.
Consider this - the American Cancer society recommends that people eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetable.  I've never seen an explanation of why, except that it reduces your chance of cancer.  But what if the reason is that eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables means that you aren't getting enough of the toxins of any one plant to cause cancer, and possibly that the different toxins are cancelling each other out.  IF this is true, and IF the same GMO gene sequence is used in a variety of crops...  then the advantage of eating a variety of foods will be lost.
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Saved By The Dragon by Vivienne Savage - Good for what it is [Feb. 10th, 2016|03:20 pm]
Julius Caesar's great-great-granddaughter

Which is the standard girl meets gorgeous guy,  girl freaks out about something about guy, girl realizes she was an idiot, girl gets back together with guy, then finds out he's insanely wealthy.  Since it's erotica, every time the two characters are together for more than ten minutes, they get it on. Since it's paranormal, he's a dragon, but that doesn't really affect the story - well, that's what freaks her out, but it could have really been anything at all - it wasn't his dragon-ness that bothered her, it was his different-ness.  The author doesn't do anything with the hero's ability to turn into a dragon except have him fly around a bit with her on his back.
Lots of wish fulfillment, a little bit of character development on the heroine's part, none whatsoever on the hero's part, and very very little world building ; however, the author is a good writer, and I would probably enjoy something she wrote that had more world building and plotting.
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Kara's Wolves by Becca Jameson - erotica for specialized tastes [Feb. 7th, 2016|11:14 pm]
Julius Caesar's great-great-granddaughter

I didn't finish this book.
I could tell immediately that this book was mainly about giving the characters a reason to have sex.   The height of romance (as far as I got) was the characters meeting in a kicker bar. And immediately lusting after each other because of the werewolf "this is my mate"  pheremones.  It's that minimal level method of getting people together by  "he's hot, she's hot, they touch and the sparks fly" attraction.   But I've read several books like this.
Strike two was a certain feel that the heroine in the story doesn't quite have a choice in the matter.  The heroine acts like she's almost compelled to kiss the hero against her will or maybe just her better judgement.  But it's ok, because he's hot.  It echos the "gentle rape" scenarios of romances of the past.
And then there's the mathematical impossibility of finding your one and only true soulmate, but we won't go into that.
The final strike was that apparently the hero's best friend is apparently also soul mate with the heroine.  So, not my thing
If you want to read threesome porn disguised as a romance, go for it.  But if you're looking for a decent romance, look elsewhere.
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The Change (Unbounded #1) by Teyla Branton - Engaging soft sci-fi novel [Feb. 3rd, 2016|05:57 pm]
Julius Caesar's great-great-granddaughter

If you're looking for a romance novel, you might want to look elsewhere - the romance sub-plot in this novel plays only a very small part of the action (and there's no hot sex to be found, just a couple of passionate kisses).   Also, no vampires, werewolves or demons.  On the other hand, if you're looking for a stong female character that kicks ass and a novel that falls somewhere between urban fantasy and sci-fi, keep reading.
The basic set-up is that the heroine awakens in the hospital after a fiery accident has put her in the hospital.  (note - somewhat detailed - if fire is a trigger, this might be too much for you)  It turns out that she is one of a group of super-humans that all have super-healing, and other super-powers.  The rest of this book is the heroine learning about her new world and powers.   This is the first book in the series, and it mostly satisfies as a standalone, but it definitely leaves some things hanging.
I found the book generally engaging, and sometimes compelling, but there were also bits that made me feel like I could have done better.  There's a lot of world building to go through, and the book tends to drag in places just because of that.   And there were a couple of times when I started talking to the book going "No, you do this and this, not that".  I can understand out-thinking the person who just found out about this world, but when I'm out-thinking the characters who've been around for hundreds of years, I get a little frustrated.
So, not the greatest story to consider the implications of near-immortality and super-genetics (or magical powers - it's really no different except what you call it), but a reasonably good one, and worth your time to see if you're interested in the rest of the series.
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Cade by Tori Austin &V. A. Dold - If a Mary Sue meets a werewolf, does she become a hairy Sue? [Jan. 11th, 2016|11:18 pm]
Julius Caesar's great-great-granddaughter

This is not a novel - it is a wish fulfillment daydream written down.  There are NO problems between the hero and heroine, no differences of opinion, no missteps, one very short angsty moment of "I don't deserve you" - "Yes, you do" - "Oh, Ok!".  There is no central problem to resolve; there are only a few problems that the couple run into during their time together - problems that are solved within a couple of paragraphs.  In one noteworthy case, it took three whole scenes for the problem to be resolved.
Reading the dialogue between the main couple is like listening to a couple who have just fallen in lurrve.  "You're so wonderful"  "Oh, you're wonderful too!"   Ok, my husband and I talk like that all the time, but we don't write it down and make a book out of it.  One line I have to relate.  When the couple do the magic werewolf mating ritual to bind them together, the heroine "swore she felt their souls come together, as if tiny knitting needles rapidly closed the gap between the two halves to  leave a complete, brightly shining soul"
It is a distinct story (such as it is) and the first in a series.  At the end of the story, we are introduced to the other brothers who will be the subjects of later books.  There's a great big flashing neon arrow saying "NEXT" pointing to the characters which will be the subject of the next book.
Read this book if you get annoyed by plot getting in the way of the sex scenes.  Otherwise, give it a pass.
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