Normal enough to know that I'm weird.

Too damn weird to do anything about it.

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Julius Caesar's great-great-granddaughter
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I'm Ft. Worth born and bred and I found the love of my life in my husband Bob. He's from Canuckistan. Yeehaw, eh?

I have three darling kitties now; Amira(princess) and Moody. My newest is another all black boy - Hubble.

If you like to craft, check out my etsy shop: Breezy's Crafty Books

Cats love to sniff each other's asses, but none of them seem to like actually getting their ass sniffed.

People are exactly the same. We love to get our snouts in each other's biz for a sniff, but we don't like other people in our biz.

Puckery little things, too, aren't they? Cat anuses, I mean.
- jesse_dylan

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